Santorini Excursions

The island of Santorini is probably the most intriguing island of Greece. Simply its name is more enough to unfold in mind stunning sunsets and scenery, white, red and black sand beaches, impressive traditional houses, balconies with view to the Volcano and lively night life. Santorini is also called Thira and its capital is the town of Fira. The towns and villages sit densely on top of the massive cliffs of the Caldera and from a distance appear like snow capping the towering mountain tops. The sunsets at Santorini, viewed from the Caldera, really are breathtakingly beautiful when seen as a backdrop to the volcano. Imerovigli is located about 2 miles north of Fira and south of Oia. The village of Imerovigli is build on the top of the Caldera at 300 metres over the sea level. It has a few hundred inhabitants and is a national heritage village with many chapels and churches.

Most notable excursions: