Heraklion Port Specifications

  • Berth Alongside.
  • 8 Piers Available.
  • Pier No. 1. Length 311m / Depth 12,7 m
  • Pier No. 2. Length 290m / Depth 14,2 m
  • Pier No. 3. Length 240m / Depth 12 m
  • Pier No. 4. Length 450m / Depth 12,5-10 m
  • Pier No. 5. Length 100m / Depth 8 m
  • Pier No. 6. Length 370m / Depth 12-10 m
  • Pier No. 7. Length 310m / Depth 10-9,5 m
  • Pier No. 8. Length 70m / Depth 8,3 m
  • 3 tugs available 1st-1780HP 2nd-960HP 3rd-2200HP, Compulsory
  • Pilot available, Compulsory
  • Shuttle bus for passengers compulsory in piers 4-4
  • Port location, Lat 35°20'57.93"N / Long 25° 9'27.65"E

Small Island Tour, Knossos, Winery

From the port of Heraklion we will drive to Knossos the ancient capital of the great king Minos. The original palace of Knossos was constructed around 1.900 B.C..Some two-hundred years later it was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt on a grander scale. Upon reaching the outskirts of Heraklion you will visit the renowned archaeological site of Knossos. Your guided tour will take you through the fantastic ruins of the ancient palace complex, which served as the administrative and religious centers for the whole region. Later the tour visits a traditional winery were visitors taste a variety of locally produced wine.

Festos - Kalyviani Monastery - Heraklion

The tour begins with a drive through the picturesque landscape of olive groves and and grapevines while driving towards the Monastery of Kalyviani, close to the Palace of Festos. The tour later continues to the archaelogical site of Festos, with its impressive rooms and decorations reminding us of the great Minoan empire.

Lassithi - Plateau - Kera Monastery

Departing from the pier we visit the great mountain ranges of Crete. Mt. Dikti. Our Journey passes through fertille countryside to the villages of Plateu, known as Lassithi. The first stop on our route is the monastery of Kera adorned with 14th century wall paintings. Originally named Kardiotissa, the structure is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and contains beautiful Byzantine icons. The tour includes traditional lunch and wine