Karpathos Excursions

Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes, with the capital Pigadia and a total population of about 6,500 inhabitants. Karpathos is one of the most endowed islands, since its territory has great variations; high mountains, precipitous ravines and streams coexist with deep caves, green valleys and springs with crystal clear waters. The villages of Karpathos are one more beautiful than the other. The stunning village of Olympos with the stone windmills, the mountainous Aperi with the imposing mansions, the Volradas with the whitewashed streets and the flower-covered courtyards, the tallest village of Karpathos, Othos, which is often lost in the clouds, Pylos with many orchards, the picturesque Mesochori with the breathtaking view and the village village of Spoa where old customs of the island are still kept

Most notable excursions: